Hi! I'm Chris

My background in connecting with audiences through storytelling was honed during my time at NYU, where I earned a BFA in Dramatic Writing. Through that lens I view user experience as the science and art of creating products that are essential to the user's personal journey, and branding as the means of initiating that connection.

In the evolving realm of product and web design, I have honed my skills to stay at the forefront of industry trends. From intuitive user interfaces to engaging user experiences, I strive to create products and interactions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. My focus on accessibility and empathy also drive my design process in all areas.

Animation, for me, is a medium that adds life and dynamism to static concepts, creating engaging narratives that leave a lasting impression. In the same way that it breathes life into images, I use animation to bring life to interfaces and experiences that reward interaction.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of collaborating with diverse teams and clients, each project contributing to my growth as a designer. My dedication to continuous learning and exploration ensures that I stay innovative and adaptable in an ever-evolving industry.

A black and white portrait photograph of Christopher Downes from the shoulders up, wearing a leather jacket and black glasses.

I believe in the power of design to solve problems and improve the way we thrive in an increasingly digital world. I am fueled by a genuine passion for storytelling, human experiences, and how we evolve with new technology.

"Chris is one of the funniest, wokest, nicest people at TeePublic."

- Kate Melvin, Creative Director at TeePublic


INTP-A - Assertive Logician

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